The history of Open joint-stock company “Borisov plant of automotive and tractor electrical equipment” — managing company of the Holding «Automotive components» began in September, 1958 when the automotive and tractor trust production areas of BSSR Ministry of Construction situated in the suburbs of Borisov were given the name of Borisov plant of automotive and tractor electrical equipment — “BATE” after the order of electro technical and instrumentation industry administration head of BSSR National economy council. That was the starting point, but almost half a year had to pass before the new enterprise made its first output.

In those days the number of employees was less than a hundred, and 250 square meters of production areas contained 43 pieces of production machinery.

Our organization has travelled a long way from not very complex electrical goods production to mass production of starters for diesel and carburetor engine automobiles and tractors. Today our products are well known practically at every automotive, tractor and agricultural machinery enterprise of the CIS.

Among our constant customers there are JSC “BELAZ”, JSC“MAZ”, JSC “MMZ”, PJSC “AUTOVAZ”, JSC “GAZ”, JSC “ZMZ”, PJSC “KAMAZ”, JSC “UMZ” and many others. JSC “BATE”-managing company of the Holding «Automotive components» has deserved a reputation of a reliable business partner.

Today about four thousand people work for BATE. The production area of two industrial platforms is over 92 thousand square meters and there are more than 3 500 pieces of production machinery.

The nomenclature and the range of products have increased greatly.

14 000 starters were produced at BATE in 1962. Since then the plant has constantly been extending its specialization. Over 60 million starters have been produced since the plant started working.

The tendencies of implementing technical innovations into production, striving for improving the current technological processes and implementing principally new ones have appeared since the first years of the plant’s existence. 71 innovation suggestions were implemented into production in 1960 which brought the economic effect in the amount of 126 thousand roubles.

The effectiveness increase couldn’t be achieved without constant renewal of the equipment stock, acquisition of automated lines, automatic and semi-automatic devices for unit construction and special-purpose machinery. In the early 90s almost a quarter of the production machinery was renewed.

With the purpose of maintaining the plant’s positions on the market of automotive and tractor electrical equipment manufacturers the organization’s team, especially engineers, design engineers and technologists are constantly working on starters design improvement, increasing the number of modifications.

The so-called “stagnant” years were the time of sustained growth for the plant. The production potential was being developed, the volume of production was being increased, the production quality was being improved. In the 80s the organization was always a leader in the Soviet Union Socialist Competition of USSR Ministry of Automobile Industry enterprises, it was often the first. Every year the team was awarded with Certificates of USSR and All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions State Standard. It’s in that time when safety factor was made. Today it helps to respond properly to the time challenge. In 1990 the plant achieved the highest results in production volumes and labor productivity. During its whole history the team was constantly searching forms of labor organization adequate to the production level, it was a pioneer both in its field and in implementation of team labor organization form according to the method of VAZ. That was a step up in enhancing interest of employees in the final results of their work.

This interest increased even more when in 1992 the plant’s team rented the enterprise. The next step was the formation of Joint Stock Company «Borisov Plant of Automotive and Tractor Electrical Equipment» on December, 30, 1993.

The production technical retooling is a high-priority task for the organization’s management. Its completion will allow to manufacture products according to the world level standards.