Insulationg panels BATEPLEX


The extruded (extrusion) polystyrene (XPS) — a high-quality insulation material in the form of plates of different thicknesses and sizes. It is ideally suited to meet the challenges of heat conservation, for use in energy efficient construction. Active use of XPS in construction — a steady trend of recent years, because of its use of options weight: insulation of buildings (walls, roofs, foundation, facades, floors, loggias and balconies), insulation cars, railway and airfield canvas insulation ice mirrors in ice. palaces. This is the choice of those who prefer to live and build up over time!

Extruded polystyrene is widely used in Belarus. Some successful examples of its application — from roller Minsk-Arena to the capital's first energy-efficient residential building on the street. Pritytskogo — implemented using imported analogues. This obvious gap in the line of domestic construction materials and fill in the near future JSC "BATE" — the company always coming up with the times.

In discussing options for diversification of production on idle production premises the idea to start production of extruded polystyrene prompted staff SE "Institute NIPTIS them. Atayeva SS". At present, specialists of the Institute are developing architectural solutions of the album, which will be presented various options for the use of XPS-plates, which will soon become known in Belarus and abroad as insulation BATEPLEX.

The cost of insulation made of extruded polystyrene BATEPLEKS will be comparable with their Russian counterparts. And this despite the fact that in contrast to its eastern neighbors, JSC "BATE" will use an expensive ozone safe freon. However, this will not affect the cost of production, the difference will be covered by the profit of the plant. We firmly believe that sustainability — an indispensable attribute of the modern enterprise.