The youth of Belarus: traditions and future

The 42nd conference of the BRYU as an open dialog The youth of Belarus: traditions and future took place on the 19-20 of January in Minsk.
This large-scale forum has united over one thousand delegates of the conference and also the guests and invitees including the partners of the PO BRYU from youth organizations of Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Latvian Republic.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has also appeared at the 42nd conference of the BRYU. He admitted: You, youngsters, those who always ready to face any difficulties, to struggle anything that messes up our life, should have planned how you spent this year, and if you hadnt yet, then do it now. Im always ready to lead you. Today is your best time. So let your dreams come true and do your best. Use all your inner forces to reach the goal your spirit, energy and will.

The head of the state accented that one of the main goals of the BRYU is searching for such leaders and bringing them up, so they can lead Belarusian youth to deal with matters that are important for our government and society. Competence, proactiveness, self-dependence, and mainly social responsibility for the future of the country these are the qualities for youngsters to be raised.
The president has supported all the youths initiatives and promised to support them in all their beginnings.

During the open dialog The youth of Belarus: traditions and future in regions, a videoconference with administrative centers was run by young activists, whilst they discussed the result of the Unions activities and determined top strands of work for the further three years.

The matters that promote the development of youth movement in republic of Belarus, with certain proposals to be contributed in programs and normative legal acts regulating the government youth policy were discussed on the youth forum.

The elections of the Central Committee contingent were held during the plenary session. Andrei Eduardovitch Belyakov was elected as a first secretary of the Central Committee of the BRYU.

Besides that, during the forum a meeting of Semyon Shapiro, a chairman of Minsk regional Executive Board with the delegates of the 42nd BRYU conference. The BRYU activists have asked the head of the region almost twenty questions and the most discussed matter was housing. Youngsters have proposed to afford extra benefits for young families, they concerned themselves with the plans of solving the housing problem in certain cities of the central region and initiated the foundation of a Housing and Construction Consumer Cooperative to build new houses for youth. Semyon Shapiro in his turn pointed out that distribution of housing should be fair and clear and no machinations would be allowed.

Also on the first day of the BRYU conference a patriotic action We remember and we are proud! was held on the Victory Square of Minsk.

By Yekaterina Ostrozhnuk
Mikhal Chervinskiy, the first secretary of the primary organization PO BRYU, chairman of the commission for youth activists in the primary labor union organization:

- Participation in such important events is definitely a certain move to much more productive actions, it also allows us to appreciate our work sideways and to make adjustments into our primary organization activities. Today our primary goal is inviting more active, initiative and creative youth to our organization and increasing its number.

There is not so many countries like Belarus where a youth movement is paid such a big attention. During his speech the President promised to support all the rational youths initiatives. Im sure our youth would have a lot of great ideas which would be supported by our executives and turned out to be very useful and of a great interest to us. There is a plan of certain actions for the Year of Youth which contains different events aimed to develop youths initiatives, patriotic upbringing, healthy lifestyle propaganda and massive sports development. The Year of Youth should be remembered by all our activists as a very bright and productive season.

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