Ninety years a beautiful and seldom age
Anna Nikiforovna Prigazhenok has celebrated her 90th anniversary on the 25th of January.

A person celebrating 90th anniversary is worth to be called a legend. It doesnt matter if the person was famous, a hero, or created something valuable. Such a long and complicated life is enough. It was a life full of ups and downs, notions and breakups, happiness and tears.

When the war started, Anna was just 16 and she instantly trapped into a concentration camp and then sent to Germany for agricultural works. Their crew consisted of a few thousand children who were ordered to cultivate the land. The work was so much hard: they had to pull stumps manually, remove rocks out of fields, dig and weed. And they werent almost fed and kept in a basement under subhuman conditions. When the war ended they were liberated so she returned to Borisov where she worked as a nanny in the kinder garden ?37 for the most of her life.

Anna has raised 5 children ( 4 sons and a daughter ). At the 90th anniversary all the nearest and dearest have come: children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A lot of kind words were said to this wonderful woman.
Our enterprise was not an exception. The representatives of our staff, the prime labor union organization and the Enterprise Veterans Council visited Anna to grant her flowers, a valuable present and to wish her good health and well-being.

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