The prime organizations PO BRYU

A summary meeting of the prime organization PO BRYU took place on the 28th of January. The first secretary of the prime organization Mikhail Chervinskiy has spoken during his report on the executed work in 2014. He mentioned the participation in the 42nd PO BRYU meeting, and the events where the prime organization took part in, he also has shared his plans about 2015, which became the year of youth in our republic.

Kravtsova V.O the first secretary of the district committee of PO BRYU, Verkhovskiy L.A the chairman of the prime labor union organization and Zyazula S.I the head of the plants Community Center also spoken at the meeting. They have spoken about the events our youth might wanted to take part in. Also, the briefers have promised to provide adequate support with the enterprises youth activities.

The first secretary of the district committee PO BRYU have listed estimated district events for the working youth where the prime organizations members could take part in.

Also, a matter of the membership fees, which equals 7 500 bel. Roubles and is about to be paid monthly was discussed at the meeting. Also, all the PO BRYU members mentioned the necessity for re-registering.

In conclusion of the meeting, Violetta Kravtsova granted our prime organization a Gratitude of the district organization PO BRYU for the successful realization of the national youth enterprise policy.

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