I have been working here since I was 18

Galina Evgenievna Shmidt works as a piercer at the shop floor ? 18. She entered the plant in 1987 right after she graduated from the college ? 85 as a machinist and as a Computer Numerical Control operator.

- I was 18 when I started working at the enterprise. remembers Galina. During my education in college I did my practical training at the plant. I liked my job and the staff of the shop floor, thats why I aimed to get employed at BATE. Of course, it was hard. The profession of a piercer requires attentiveness and responsibility. The usage of different cutting instruments is an extra difficulty. My tutor in the sector was Nona Levsha who I obliged to as yet. She trained me not only to do my job professionally but to love what I do.
Galina likes the process of manufacturing parts, she obtains all the necessary technical knowledge and can operate different equipment, and she also has a few related professions: a turner, a pressman, and a thread cutter. Within 30 years of her seniority she mastered a lot of new items.

- We have a very friendly team and its such a pleasure to be a part of it. says Galina. I met my husband her, so I can confidently say the plant became my second home.

Senkevich S.V., the foreman of the machining operation sector in the shop floor ? 18.

- I have been working with Galina Shmidt since1991. She is very conscientious, kind and executive. She still loves her job and it reflects on her results. She doesnt need to be controlled, she always does her job not only professionally but with great pleasure. Galina strings along with the plant and her job.

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