Philanthropy and enthusiasm for life

Ekaterina Andreeevna Chatnevtseva has celebrated her 90th anniversary on the 25 of March.

On behalf of the enterprises staff and chairman of the primary veteran organization N.L. Kazarnovich she was granted a money reward and flowers.

Ekaterina Andreevna remembered the war years, how she trapped into a death camp and how hard it was to survive.

- When the war started our family lived in Ukraine in Kiev region. All the territory was occupied and a strict German dictate was above everything. We were hungry and frightened almost all the time and we were afraid to go outside, since we heard the sounds of automatic gunfire and people screaming everywhere. I trapped into a death camp in 1944. I just turned 18 and then I received a writ for forced labor. To avoid it I whelmed my eyes with tobacco powder and in the end I failed my health examination. But just in a few days during a raid Nazis took me to a death camp. There I had to work at the ball-and-roller plant as a grinder. They fed us 1 time a day with dried turnip and water, but we had to work much. Soviet troops liberated us on the 8th of May, 1945, and the Great Victory came the next day. We were so happy we couldnt believe all these days of the occupation have ended.

Ekaterina Andreevnas life is a hard lot, like any others whose childhood faced war and after war years. Life has prepared lots of challenges, but Ekaterina Andreevna is full of optimism. She says she is a lucky person. She survived the Great Patriotic War, she raised 2 wonderful daughters, 4 grandchildren and now she rejoice her great-grandchildren. She remembers mourn and joy that filled these 90 years she have already lived and she says there is more to come. Ekaterina Andreevna shares her philanthropy and enthusiasm for life and says the destiny then will be favorable for this.

We wish you good health and optimism for years Ekaterina Andreevna!

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