From generation to generation

Family labor dynasties are the enterprises pride. Thats why the generations replace each other at work since children follow their parents.

The Voevodovs family dynasty was started Nikolai Mihailovich. When he came to the plants shop ?3 in 1970 just when he was demobilized, his labor and family were just plans. Here he was taught the profession of adjuster and here he met his wife Svetlana.

Now Nikolai Mihailovich Voevodov is the adjuster of 6th skill-category. He is responsible for the equipments operation in the starter sector of the shop ? 18. Nikolai Mihailovich is one of the most experienced workers. He knows the equipment of the sector perfectly and he is able to fix any damage dealt to his machines.
Adjuster is one of the most required professions at the enterprise. The stable operation of the equipment is required for production. And it depends on the adjusters skills and experience.

His wife Svetlana Yevgenievna Voevodova has been working for 31 years and at this period she has mastered the specialties of a borer, a turner and an instrument builder. That allowed her to become a true professional.

Nikolai Mihailovich and Svetlana Yevgenievna will celebrate their pearl marriage ( 30 years of relationship ). The biggest part of their working experience they gained in the same sector and that only strengthened their family and their feelings.

Seven years before their junior daughter Irina started working at the shop ?18, first as a controller and now as an instrument builder. Just like her parents, her main qualities are honesty and diligence.

Succession and loyalty to the enterprise are the qualities which are the basis of successful development of every business.

On the photo: Nikolai Mihailovich ( has been working at the plant for 45 years ) and Svetlana Yevgenievna ( has been working at the plant for 31 years ). Voivodovs will celebrate pearl marriage this year.

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