The best among the region performers

The best among the region performers

The regional military-patriotic songs competition Songs of the Great Victory finals, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the soviet people Victory in the Great Patriotic War was held on the 28 of April in the Commodity centre of M.Gorky.

Try-outs were held in the few stages. Seventy six bands and singers of Borisov region joined the event.

The best 25 musical performances succeeded to face the finals, 4 of which were the representatives of our enterprise, which sing at the plant vocal studio led by V.H.Abdulov.

It was hard for jury to make the final decision since all the participants have shown great vocal and artistic skills, but there always must be a winner. Our soloists were admitted as the best among the region performers:

Diploma of the 1st grade was given to Janna Tsovko ( assembling );
Diploma of the 2nd grade was given to Alina Pavlovets ( catering and distributive trades department ).

Olga Rashevskaya ( assembling ) and Gennady Gorbach ( repairs and building district ) were given Diplomas as well.

We congratulate the winners!

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