Mind game for the holding’s youth

The youth of the «Automotive Components» holding have released their artistic and intellectual skills, their team spirit and intuition in the game of the elite club «What? Where? When?» which was organized on the basis of our enterprise with the support of the primary labor union organizations of the «Automotive» holding of Borisov town ( JSC «BATE» - the managing company of the «Automotive» holding, JSC «Borisov plant Avtogidrousilitel», JSC «Borisov plant of aggregates» and JSC «Ekran» ) and regional OO «BRYU» committee.

The game consisted of a few stages and contained different tasks. The participants had to remember the names of the architectural amenities by photos, to recognize a famous person by their short written biography, to recognize a song, to descript intellectual puzzles, to remember movie titles by quotes. Besides that the youth faced difficult questions that required erudition and logics.

All the teams have shown the high level of knowledge, and what is important a great team spirit, so that why it was impossible to predict the winner. It was only one point that would help JSC «BATE» to share the 1st place with JSC «Ekran», JSC «Borisov plant Avtogidrousilitel» were the 3rd and «Borisov plant of aggregates» were the 4th.

he system development ), Alexander Hmelevsky and Stanislav Rutkovsky ( sales department ), Dmitriy Zezulya ( chief energetic department ) and Ekaterina Ostrozhnuk ( employment and employee training department ).

All the teams were given fiscal rewards by the labor union organizations and candy prizes of the regional department of OO «BRYU».

But the most important is that all the participants could show their intellectual and artistic skills, they shown great cooperation and received a great amount of positive emotions and adrenaline that is impossible to imagine such events without.

At the end, the participants were not only sharing their impressions but planning next competitions which would be held even greater for sure!

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