A letter of gratitude by the Borisov school ?6 has been addressed to JSC Borisov to pay tribute to the heads of metal purchase department Denis A. Gavrilov daughter.

The head of metal purchase department Denis A. Gavrilov

JSC BATE has been sent a letter of gratitude paying tributes to the metal purchase departments head Denis A. Gavrilov for raising a wonderful daughter.

Denis and his wife both bring up two daughters. The elder one Alina is 8 years old and she just entered a third form in her school. Alongside with studying at school Alina attends Students Activity Center where she does vocals, dancing and theatrics.

Me and my wife always try attend all the events where Alina takes part and we always support her, - Denis says. Alina often chooses her own repertory. She downloads her favorite songs and rehearses them. She and her little sister often perform in front of me and my wife and we always listen to them with pleasure and compliment our little actresses.

No wonder Alina looks forward to be an actress but she studies good as well. Math comes easy to her. Moreover her parents give an eye to her physical education: she always goes to the pool and plays with her sister at the local playground. During warm-season Alina often rides a bicycle and she just mastered rollers this year. She is a very sociable and flexible child and she has a lot of friend who she always plays with outdoors.

We think every child deserves a good childhood, - Denis says. Funny outdoor games with friends is an essential part of our daughters free time. We do our best to not overcharge her with any other additional activities. She does homework on her own since she was in first form and we only supervise her. She is very independent, she can either do the cleaning or help her sister to do homework. Sometimes when she wants to cheer us up she prepares a surprise - usually it is some hot sandwiches. Moreover, we teach her to manage money. She has her daily cash which she is allowed to spend for herself but she always buys sweets and gifts for her sister. Alina is quite generous and always ready to share everything with her friends and relatives thats a good quality.

The Gavrilov family has been receiving obligation for raising a wonderful daughter for two years already. We would like these obligations to become a good custom since all the childs successes are far more important for parents instead of their own.
The picture of Denis with his daughters Alyona and Alina

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