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Internal audit assistance to improve activities

Internal audit is an integral and critical part of any organizational system of quality management.

Audit history (from lat. audire to hear) dates back to the days of Ancient Rome when the decree of the authorities was spread by the official spokesmen. To resolution was read by the heralds right, each of them was accompanied by the auditor, i.e., a special person who knew the text of the resolution and follow the correct playback. In the early twentieth century, the audit has been widely used in financial activities. At the end of XX century the use of the audit spread to such areas as management. Standards management system ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 emphasize the importance of audit as a tool for collecting objective data to confirm the effective implementation and operation of management systems.

Internal audit is a type of conformity assessment, which is understood as proof of compliance related to products, processes of production, the processes of the quality management system, the activities of the staff or organization.

The nature of the audit is to test various objects in the management system and obtaining accurate information about the compliance of these facilities with the legislative and other regulatory requirements, planned activities, standards, provisions of documents governing the sequence and content of actions necessary for compliance.

The procedure of planning, organizing, conducting, documenting the results of internal audits and requirements for auditors of JSC "BATE" is set in the QMS MTD 093-030-2015.

Completed in 2016, plans to conduct internal audits of the quality management system, manufacturing processes and products implemented. Conducted 39 audits and 46 audits of the effectiveness of corrective actions, which showed a different result, a different attitude to these different results and the degree of participation in the quest for improvements.

Despite the difficult economic situation and lack of different types of resources the quality management system is functional and even has a place of permanent improvement. Most of the staff the level of responsibility for compliance remains high.

According to the degree of compliance in 2016 to lead the process "personnel Management", "claim Management" and "Marketing". Steadily improving the degree of conformity of processes "manufacturing" and "Design and development of new products." The owners of these processes provide a high level of organization and participation in audits.

Separately want to mention the owner of the process "production Management" Sergey Viktorovich Divina, the leader in the number held during the year audits. Every month in the process of "production Control" are audits of manufacturing processes and product audits.

Unfortunately, not all units showing good results, but, summing up, I want to call the best. Head of workshop No. 18, Roman Nikolaevich Labanok, not only has a high level of knowledge of the requirements of the management system, but also provides an understanding of the importance and necessity of their execution entrusted to him by the staff. Accompanied by supervisors, shop No. 18, I. I. Nekrasov and M. Y. Kotovich internal audits take place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, constructivism and with a high degree of compliance with established requirements.

Thank you for the good organization and the establishment of necessary communication links during internal audits of the heads of departments ?1, ?3 and ?5, the Deputy chief of shop No. 3, M. V. Bondarev, Deputy head of the UO V. V. Martsinkevich, the foreman of No. 1 D. I. Mylnikova, the foreman of No. 5 I. A. Dashinsky, quality engineer SP N.And. Kiev.

Christmas is coming up in 2017. Plans for the internal audits completed and approved by the Representative of the D. O. Ivanov. Together we have a lot of work to achieve our ambitious goals. Of course, it will not be easy, but the support of the leadership and the entire staff allows us to look forward. We are sure to keep the achievements, to strengthen and improve, and will do everything to ensure that our existing and potential consumers have always been convinced that the production of "BATE" is under reliable control.

Happiness to you all in the New Year, good luck, fulfillment of desires, love and health to you and your family!

E. A. CHERNUKHA, head of BSK has Askis

N. F. BULAY, specialist in internal audit

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