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I used to do everything on the conscience

"Conscientious, diligent girl. Very friendly and sociable" is characterized as Natalya Pavlovna, Dereviago, the press operator plastic products shop # 5, in the team.

At the plant she came apprentice press operator in 2010.

Initially, of course, was very difficult, I was afraid I wouldn't do it, says Natalia Pavlovna. Lot of new equipment. Me at the initial stages really helped the team. Taught me the profession Maria Denisovna Gero, I even second mother sometimes called. Other skilled workers also helped. It's worth it.

As told by workers, Natalia Pavlovna very quickly mastered the work of the press operator. And wanted to know more. Having mastered one press, she was asked to show how to work on the other.

I used to do everything on the conscience, says Natalya Pavlovna. I'm curious to know the details and be able to serve all the machinery in the shop. On our site more than 30 presses, each made of different plastic products. Today I'm probably with your eyes closed will be able to perform all operations on any of these presses.

Natalia Pavlovna with her husband and daughter moved to Borisov from the area.

From the factory we were immediately given a room in a hostel. This for us was a great support. I am very grateful to the company I really helped, and I also try to do their work conscientiously, so as not to let down the team and make its own contribution to the production process.

Natalia Pavlovna very hardworking girl, she quickly raised its class to third and is now working on a par with the most experienced employees of the site.

Despite the fact that I have relatively little experience, I have become a mentor to one of the accepted workers of the shop. I am very pleased says Natalia Pavlovna. I tried to give her the knowledge and skills that were given to me in the initial stages and to instill the same love and responsibility for what you do.

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