That same summer the first day of the war

June 22, at the monument "Victims of fascism" was held the meeting-Requiem, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war.

The event was attended by veterans of the great Patriotic war, representatives of Executive authorities, regional Council of deputies and district Light veterans, officers SZOK, representatives of public associations Borisov, regiona, workers organizations, among which was a delegation of our company.

The event began with a ceremony of laying flowers to the monument. Then there was the archival recording of the performance of Yuri Levitan, who delivered the statement of the Soviet government about the attack of German troops on the Soviet Union.

The participants of the meeting were A. S. Dick, the first Deputy Chairman of Borisov district Executive Committee, head of the Department of agriculture and food. The word also provided the veteran of the great Patriotic war Alexander Arturovich, which recalled a difficult war years.

The line "a Ballad about the anti-aircraft gunner" poet Robert Rozhdestvensky, talented read at the rally, caused a lively response from all those present, eyes involuntarily tears, and in the soul joy that we didn't have to go through those scary military trials which befell our ancestors.

Then for all participants of the meeting by soldiers of the Borisov garrison. In the sky was released white balloons as a sign of gratitude to war veterans for today's peaceful sky. The event ended with a ceremonial guns and the soldiers March under the sounds of military orchestra.

Representatives of our company after participating in the rally, went to the monument "Victims of fascism", where he laid flowers and paid tribute to all participants of the great Patriotic war.

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