Plunged into the history of war and victory

On the eve of the anniversary of the great Victory veterans of the great Patriotic war of our company and JSC "Ekran", 3 may, was organized the excursion to Belarusian state Museum of the great Patriotic war.

Most of the participants first visited the new Museum (relocation and upgrade of Museum of the great Patriotic war was held on 2 July 2014).

On the ground floor, our group met the guide Vladimir polikarpovich Faletsky, head of sector of scientific-methodical work of the Museum of the great Patriotic war. He is a prisoner of the concentration camps and knows about the events of the great Patriotic war firsthand. The veterans enjoyed listening to his story and asked their questions.

In the Museum you can see over 8 thousand exhibits telling about the history of the great Patriotic war captured during fighting in Eastern Europe and Germany, and also transferred to embassies of different countries in peacetime. Particularly impressed by the exhibition of military equipment and weapons. Tanks T-34, is-3, the famous BM-13 "Katyusha", a military transport plane, missile and artillery weapons recreated in life-size, some machines were reconstructed and represent a real technique involved in the battles. There are a lot of exhibits and documents on display on the shelves, and there are small improvised huts with lighting, where recreates the atmosphere of the gunsmith wartime, printing, medical room, radio room etc. In the window of the dugout you can see how the table sat the partisans and look at the plan of operation. Next to them a teenage boy who came back from forest school and doing homework.

The exhibition completes the gorgeous Hall of Victory, decorated in the form of a glass dome, resembling the roof of the Reichstag building which, in 1945, Soviet soldiers hoisted the Victory banner. Here on the walls lists the names of all heroes in wartime.

For veterans of the tour time was slightly shortened to older people and not much tired, but all the most vivid and interesting exhibits, our group visited with great pleasure. They are imbued with the spirit of this wonderful Museum, plunged during the great Patriotic war and again experienced bright moments of Victory and may the pride of our people who was able to win the hard war and so preserve this memory.

Already returning after the tour, the veterans shared their experiences.

Nina Levdansky, a prisoner of fascist concentration camps (JSC "BATE" managing company of the holding "automotive Components"):

For the first time visited the Belarusian state Museum of the great Patriotic war. Here is a very interesting and informative. When I was in a concentration camp, was very small, so I only remember the stories of my mother about that time. After visiting the Museum more were able to learn about how complicated and difficult it was at the front, to see military equipment in real size and archival documents. Of course, it's hard to remember those tragic days, but the lesson is that we need to appreciate life and the world, everyone needs to remember and know. I would like to thank the administration of the enterprise and the trade Union Committee for something that does not forget its veterans and in the eve of Victory gave us such a nice gift.

Casimir Boleslavovich, gridushko, a prisoner of fascist concentration camps (JSC "Screen"):

Excursion I was very impressed. It recreates the atmosphere of wartime, a lot of equipment, which took part in the fighting, so told by the guide events are experiencing as real. I was only two when I was in a concentration camp with his mother. Almost do not remember anything of the events of the time. Many mom and dad, who returned from the front alive. So a visit to the Museum for me was, as another of their stories. A lot of new and interesting things to learn for yourself what you won't read in textbooks and in books about the war. Thanks to our organization for this interesting trip.

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