Praise the hands that smell of bread

Last Friday took place the solemn celebration of workers AGH "Troianivka" on the occasion of their professional holiday.

In a cozy room Troyanovsky high school brought together the leaders, professionals and workers.

With warm words of congratulations and gratitude for the hard work presentations were made by the assistant Director-General for agricultural production V. N. Nesterenok, Deputy Director General on ideological work and personnel management A. O. Ivanov and the Chairman of the trade Union Committee L. A. Verkhovsky.

The best workers were awarded with awards and cash prizes from the company and the trade Union Committee:

To factory Gallery of Honor included a photo of Vladimir Gudz, chief agronomist.

Diplomas awarded to:

V. N. Valasach, managing AGH "Troianivka";

V. M. Sytek, chief engineer;

O. V. Tkachenko, chief livestock;

A. I. Babosas, the driver of the vehicle;

V. A. stakhovich, tractor-driver of agricultural production;

A. T. Gancherenok, tractor-driver of agricultural production;

S. Bykov, tractor-driver of agricultural production;

I. M. Poretskiy, livestock;

M. F. Valasach, the foreman of a production brigade in animal husbandry;

M. N. Myadelets, milking machine operator;

V. Avkhimovich, the foreman of a production brigade in animal husbandry.

For all the sounds of favorite songs performed by members of the vocal Studio of our company.

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