I try not to let the team

Andrew Albertovich Makritsky turner assembly plant, the company employs more than 30 years. BATE plant, it can be said, was familiar to him from childhood, since his father worked here for many years as a welder. Therefore, after leaving school Andrew Albertovich not even thinking where begins his career - he began work as an apprentice in the workshop 16 puncher.

- My father was working on another site and another profession, but helped me in the early stages, shared experience, teaching a responsible attitude to all assigned tasks and work on conscience, - says Andrey Albertovich. - I'm his advice came in handy in the future, and I tried not to let his father and team, where he worked.

Andrew Albertovich during his work at the plant has mastered 8 related professions, including: driller, miller, electric driver. He studied all the details of the professions in practice, he turned to experienced professionals, if necessary - studying technical literature. After the reorganization of department ?16, he worked in the workshop ?7, was then transferred to the assembly line.

- My diverse professional experience helps me in daily work, - says Andrey Albertovich. - If necessary, I am on the site can perform different work, helping other workers. On our site nomenclature of small parts - the three anchor modification, but it is important to do quality work - this result and very nice to see. Today, I can say that in the workplace, I know all the details thoroughly. Most importantly, I like this job and I enjoyed doing it, the old do everything on the conscience, as taught by the father.
Photo by Andrey Albertovich for the second time has been brought to the factory Gallery of Honor, for his hard work, he was awarded honorary diplomas and gratitude, but not least the attitude of his colleagues.

Zoya Andreyevna Bannikova, chairman of the shop committee assembly production only speaks of him positive words:
- He is a very responsible, trouble-free worker, always trying to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. It is very neat - his workplace is always in perfect order. A true professional, with educated and intelligent person. On it you can always rely on.

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