I'm interested to develop

Sergey Tsvil, adjuster cold-stamping plant equipment ?1, working in our company for over 10 years. When I came to the factory already had behind him a considerable experience in the adjuster of "MAZ", JSC "Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel".

Until then, I have always worked with the press equipment, but here I had to work on automatic presses, with whom I had previously encountered almost no - says Sergey. - This equipment is in adjustment requires more readiness, technical knowledge and skills. But the staff was very helpful and experienced staff. My mentor there was Vladimir Nikolaevich Icahn, which I am very grateful. He is a true professional in this field.
A year ago, Sergei Alexandrovich was transferred from the site to the big punching a small punching station. Here he has to master the coldly-vysadochnyj devices.
- The principle of operation of these machines is different from the presses, so the need to re-learn everything from scratch, - says Sergey. - But I'm curious to learn new things in their profession. I feel that the growth and develop as a specialist in their field. Now I serve about 9 machines, the range is very wide parts: bolts, screws, rivets. Details are small, but their quality is very important for the manufacture of enterprise. Therefore, we follow closely the work of the equipment and the quality of manufactured parts.
Several years ago, Sergey was awarded the Honorary Diploma, and last year it was entered in the photo gallery of the factory honor.
- For me, to be honest, it was unexpected. I just try to conscientiously carry out their work and not particularly eager to stand out among other equally professionals. But, of course, it's nice that my work notes and encourages the plant management, and I seek them not fail.
Most often, people successful in their business, well-being and family life. Sergey and his wife Tatiana are raising four children. After a busy day, it's nice to come back to the children's voices filled the house where it is warm and cozy, where you are waiting for support.

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