JANUARY 25 - Student Day (Tatyanas Day)

Students a great time ...
On the eve of the Day of students (Tatiana Day), we asked former students who studied in different years in full-time education to share their memories of a great pore of his life - a student.
Korenevskaya Natalia, Head of CFL metallographic laboratory
- In 1991, she graduated from the Mogilev Engineering Institute (now called the Belarusian-Russian University) electromechanical department. I recall with pleasure my student years, it was a very interesting time to my life, even though it fell on a difficult period for the whole country - restructuring and, therefore, had to cope on their own with many problems. Most memories of the student dormitory, where I was the head. This imposes some burden of responsibility, but life in the hostel taught to understand people, it was for me a real school of life. In addition to my studies, I was actively engaged in orienteering, performed at regional competitions and even became a candidate for master of sports in this form. To train children and traveled with them to different competitions. Study was very interesting, because at that time it was quite a new direction. We have studied various forms of control, often themselves have developed some methods and techniques involved in research and development. In addition, the practice I was held in the city of Kuibyshev (now - Samara) in the factory, which was located under the ground and produced parts for airplanes. The institute has a very strong technical base, and I'm already in the period of study could examine the various equipment and was able to work on it. It really helped me then to work in our company where my experience of 25 years. Of course, the experience of working in this field requires a lot of practice, but worthy of the theoretical framework, which I received in college, became a great help in the work, and even now helps to resolve many professional issues.
Diana Maydikova, a leading specialist in purchases of US:
- In 2013, she graduated from Baranovichi State University, Faculty of Economics and Law. I choose this educational institution, as there studied my cousin. Due to lack of beds in the dormitory, had all four years of learning to shoot with girlfriend apartment. Study I, by and large, was easy. I was a good student in school and general subjects did not cause too much difficulty. At first, the most difficult given profile subjects. If we talk about the most favorite subject, probably, for me it was the class of the audit and audit. Conducted this subject very interesting teacher, he did not just give theoretical knowledge, but also shared their experience of professional activity. The University has a very good library, equipped and Internet resources and the necessary literature. Besides study was engaged in volleyball. The sport I love at school. He participated in intercollegiate competitions. In addition, he participated in charity events under the NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union". Of course, the knowledge that I gained at the institute, useful to me in today's trade. And though I do not work in their specialty, but our specialty is also often necessary to apply accounting knowledge.
According to recent reports 87 Tatiana working in our company.
Students today are 25 employees, of which 21 - in absentia trained in high schools, 4 - in specialized secondary educational institutions.
All the holiday!

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