And in 90 years should be able to enjoy life

Its 90th anniversary in January this year, said Antonina Ivanovna Kleschenok. On this anniversary of her came to congratulate the representatives of the administration and trade union committee of the primary veteran organization of the enterprise. In honor of its holiday Antonina Ivanovna was awarded a cash gift and flowers.

She was touched by such attention. She shared memories of his troubled life during the war and in the postwar period.
When the war began, Antonina Ivanovna was 14 years old. Her father and her husband's older sister went to the partisan detachment. Since 1943, it has become connected in the unit Diadkova. When in the village where they lived, started the German raids, she, along with her sister went to the partisan detachment in the forest, where a few months lived and participated in the resistance.
- It was very difficult - says Antonina Ivanovna, - hunger, cold, were often marshy area, we're always knee-deep in water. Many died of cold-related diseases. I have in front of several people died of starvation. These terrible memories will never erase from memory, but you must learn to appreciate what we have today.
Antonina Ivanovna was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 2 nd degree, medals Zhukov Medal "For Victory over Germany". After the war, she went to work as a cook, and more than 40 years has given the profession. Antonina Ivanovna has a son and two adult grandchildren, whom she taught to love life, to endure all hardships and to be able to enjoy even the simple things, small victories. Although its 90th anniversary Antonina Ivanovna met with a slight sadness, as many diseases and age-related changes, but still tries to do everything yourself and not give up. "I lived through those terrible war years, so I have to thank God that he gives me the opportunity to live more in peace. After all, the most important gift - a life "- says Antonina Ivanovna.

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