15 FEBRUARY - DAY MEMORY soldiers-internationalists

Dear soldiers-internationalists!
On this day, we pay tribute to each one of you, honor the memory of our fellow countrymen who perished in a strange land, share the pain of loss to those who had lost in the war of their loved ones.
You risked their lives, shed blood, lost friends and comrades.
We are proud of you, we remember your feat! Low bow to you and thank you so much! Peace sky, happiness and peace of mind to you and your families!

It will burn the heart of Afghanistan

In 1989, February 15, the last Soviet troops left the country of Afghanistan. Thus ended the 10-year war in which the Soviet Union lost over 15 thousand of its citizens.
February 15 - Day of Remembrance of soldiers-internationalists, who met his last hour on the distant land of Afghanistan, who have not had time to say goodbye to their mothers and loved ones who gave their duty without betraying the oath. Our people are honoring the heroism of those who perform public order, risking their lives and health. This war - our pain and our tragedy.
The country has set up the memorial of those killed in the Afghan war. In towns and cities February 15 enterprising veterans organize meetings and go in the columns of relatives, friends and Afghans simply patriotic people.
Registered in our primary veteran organization consists of 12 combat veterans in other states. For each period spent in the war - the most painful memories in life.
Anatoly Kozyrev, the controller at the checkpoint, he served in the city of Herat from 1980 to 1982. He was raised in a military family, his childhood passed in the cantonments, so he and his brother had deliberately chosen the difficult path of the military service.

In 1977, he began his military biography. He was sent to Borisov in a pontoon battalion, two years later he enrolled in the school warrant in Grozny.
- While studying at the school of ensigns, we often wondered why so much attention is paid to tactical training, because we engineer troops, our task technique embattled contain, - says Anatoly. - But that knowledge it is very useful in practice. In 1980 came the order and the whole group, which at that time was trained in the school of ensigns (27 people), has been directed to carry out international duty in Afghanistan in Herat.
Anatoly at the time was little more than 20 years. About the war in Afghanistan, they knew little, so went with a light heart, and is not particularly afraid of the upcoming challenges, felt prepared for war. But what he saw on the ground, forced to change their minds.
- Our regiment was located in an open area in the camp. It was hard to get used to the climate here in March, temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celsius. But all household stuff, - says Anatoly. - The most difficult thing is to get used to the constant shelling and dozens of dead soldiers after the battle. We were sent to collect the bodies of our children, to identify them and send the coffins to their homeland. Often he had to take part in military operations, because our company provided refueling technology. Not once tankers came under fire, and the guys were burned alive in the cars. The first year I served as a technician for a company, then the commander of the transport of the platoon.
These were difficult years, not only for the soldiers themselves - at home waiting for their family parents. Anatoly signed with his bride in 1981, during a vacation in the middle of service in Afghanistan. Letters were the only way to communicate with loved ones and family.
- Letters from the family came often, mail worked well. It was so nice to receive news from their relatives. Only they and warmed the soul of the soldiers. It is important to know that the house offers.
They had to go through a real test in the very beginning of life together, and as a reward for it - more than 35 years of happy marriage, two wonderful children.
After returning from Afghanistan, Anatoly until 2003 he served in Borisov in pontoon battalion, where he began his military path soldier for many years was a technician company. He retired with the rank of ensign.
- With many fellow soldiers we keep in touch until now. After Afghanistan have scattered destiny: someone in Russia, Ukraine and others in Germany and Poland. Who easier - it is possible to correspond via the Internet, at least to know how things work, health. We're experienced so much together. These two terrible years remained in the memories forever, and how I would not want to forget this difficult period, the memory is still sometimes returns in the hottest of Herat and in the events of which I have separated for over 30 years.

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