Those who went to Afghanistan and those who stayed there for ages
February 10 at the monument to soldiers-internationalists solemn meeting devoted to the 28th anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.
The event was attended by representatives of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and the Barysau district executive committee, public associations, chairmen of regional organizations and Zhodino NGO "Belarusian Union of Afghan War Veterans' mother and widows in Afghanistan, soldiers and officers, the commander of SZOK Major General AG Wolfowitz and the officer corps of staff, students, teachers, educational institutions, the Borisov garrison soldiers, residents of Borisov region. Among the participants of the meeting were also representatives of our company and the soldiers-internationalists, are registered in our veteran organization.
Initially, all participants in the meeting laid wreaths and flowers at the monument. Then, on behalf of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Vice Chairman Executive Committee VI Sirenko paid special tribute to soldiers-internationalists, whose generations will remember the unprecedented feat, whose courage has become a shining example of the provision of international aid and military fraternity has earned the admiration and immense respect.
At the meeting it was also made by the chairman of the Barysau District Council of Deputies PV Navitsky, the widow of the deceased soldier-internationalist DC Golovko and others.


On photo1: Among the rally participants - veterans of fighting in Afghanistan, are registered in our veteran organization: OV Baryshkin, KS Tablets and AA Legkov

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