To bring up worthy children - a major achievement for a man
Men's dynasty Tarasenko working in our company in the shop ?5. If we calculate their combined years of service, it turns out in '71 - a large amount of time devoted to the chosen cause.
The founder of the dynasty was Tarasenko Valeriy Alexandrovich, who settled on our company in 1973, and is working in good faith for 44 years. Responsibility and love for the profession, and he was able to teach his two sons Alexander and Dennis, who also work in the shop ?5.
He started his career Valery in repair and machine shop fitters. At the factory it came after studying in vocational schools, and 85 had behind certain baggage of theoretical knowledge. He quickly mastered the equipment and practical skills in this profession. Then, when you open a new assembly hall, he was transferred to a turner, mastered adjuster profession. The shop ?5 Valery works since 1981, here he also mastered several professions: varschik insulating resins smesilschik, impregnators. He now works for the collector area in the workshop ?5 Smith.
- In my daily responsibilities include compliance with the necessary proportions by mixing copper powder, and then squeezing the ring to the collector of the machine and mandatory quality control of each part (weight, size, height), - Valery says. - Of course, it requires care and a responsible attitude to business.
Valery was for his two sons not only an example in life, but also a mentor in the profession. The younger son Denis got a factory in 2000, first studied the profession smesilschika and then mastered adjacent specialties: presser, Electroplating, Slinger. Now Denis V. gas fitter working in the workshop ?5. The eldest son, Alexander got a company in 2007, as the site for his father, who taught him and smesilschik profession. In addition, Alexander V. mastered many professions: tabletirovschik, Turner, Smith, impregnators.
Valery gave their sons respect for the work, the desire to learn, to learn new skills.
- The most important quality of man, in my opinion, which I have instilled in his children - is honesty towards people, to work, - Valery says. - Of course, I am pleased that they are working with me, I can give them the knowledge and experience to help. I am proud of their achievements, they work responsibly, we can say have become professionals. This is a major achievement for the father - to bring up worthy people, to give them their knowledge.

Photo: Denis V., Valery and Alexander V. Tarasenko - their combined work experience in the enterprise has more than 70 years

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