The work always learning new

Boris Pavlovich Astrakhantsev Smith UGMiE - the company for almost 30 years. Last year, his photo has been brought to the factory Gallery of Honor, for the second time (first time was in 1997). In addition, for the hard work the name of Boris Pavlovich Astrakhantseva made in the original Book of Honor.
He started his career in thermogalvanic shop apprentice adjuster automated electroplating baths.
- My mentor in the profession was Dmitry Petrovich Klimovich, who helped study the basics of the profession, - says Boris Pavlovich. - After a few months I got 4th qualification grade, and in a few years has reached 6, the highest rank.
Boris Pavlovich mastered many related professions: welder, mechanic-repairman, presser of plastic products.

- New specialty I studied with pleasure and I must say it is very useful to me, not only in the professional sphere, but also in everyday life. Houses, for example, the welding work is now spend on their own, - said Boris Pavlovich. - I just do not give up the opportunity to learn something new, and have never regretted it. I'm not afraid of work, and well versed in the technique that is very helpful to me in the profession. For many years he worked in various areas in the workshop ?5, and in 2016 for health reasons moved Smith to UGMiE. Here, I also quite quickly mastered a new profession, studying with interest adjustment and spend repair work of different machines in the enterprise.

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