Only together can we preserve peace on earth
February 21 GDK them. Gorky solemn meeting devoted to the Day of Fatherland Defenders and Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.
The hall was attended by representatives of the executive authorities, veterans of war and labor veterans of the Armed Forces, military personnel, representatives of labor collectives of enterprises in the region, among which were the staff of our factory.
Congratulations all those present congratulated the Commander of the North-Western Operational Command, Major General AG Zhirinovsky.
- Day of Fatherland Defenders and Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus - a national holiday, important for every family and every generation, because it is a symbolic of the thread between the past and the present. This day is a symbol of loyalty to the military duty, the Belarusian people resistance in the struggle for freedom and independence of their country. We admire the feat of fellow countrymen who defended their homeland from invaders during the war and reliably ensure its security in the years of peace, proud of the courage of the soldiers-internationalists, opposing international terrorism. In our memory feats of the soldiers of the Fatherland will remain forever, their selfless devotion and love for the Motherland. Front-line soldiers-liberators can be assured that the army is ready today to protect their homeland, just as we did our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers. All possible arsenal and only together we will keep peace in the world - said the AG Zhirinovsky.
After the ceremonial greetings of all present awaited concert program, prepared by the creative teams of Borisov district.

In the photo: Labor Veterans of our company attended a gala evening
Gift for real men plant

Gala concert dedicated to the Day of Fatherland Defenders and Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, held 22 and 23 February in the workshop ?18 and tool manufacturing in the lunch hour.
The organization of such small appearances in the shop has already become a good tradition in our company, this creates a festive atmosphere and a good mood for all the participants.
At lunchtime these days near the makeshift venues were many employees from different departments of the plant to these holidays to hear good words in the address and pleasant songs performed by soloists factory vocal studio, which at that time were presented by Natalia Korenevskaya (CPL) Alina Zelskaya (OOPiRT), Jeanne Tsovk (SP), Olga Rashevskaya (SP) and the director - Vitaly Abdulov.

For all those present sang songs, most of which they are familiar, so viewers podtantsovyvat, sang and clapped loudly. This concert was a real gift for the creative workers and added energy and positivity.


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