When the soul is not more than 30

February 28 hosted the regional review-competition of amateur primary veteran organizations dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Belarusian Public Association of Veterans, which was attended by representatives of the veteran organization of our company.
In the small hall of the City Palace of Culture brought together representatives of almost 20 veterans stewards, representing education and medical institutions, enterprises and organizations of the region.
Welcomed all the participants the chairman of the veteran organization of Borisov district ZP Makhanek. She wished all the participants good luck and congratulated with the upcoming 30th anniversary of the veteran movement.
Each of the speakers wanted to share their creativity and make sure that the retirement age appears only in the passport, but most importantly - how it feels like years of the man himself. Many of the participants, despite the years, we danced, sang, recited poetry and played musical instruments. Everyone wanted to show their individuality and diversity.
Looking at the creative fuse and activity of all the contestants, it's hard to imagine that they are retired. Each of them is still full of creative forces and ideas. Probably, in the soul of all of them, as well as veterans' movement - not more than 30.
Our company will be represented by participants of the factory vocal studio, veterans of labor: IA Kirnos and VP Novochadov.

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