Beautiful stranger, or a general portrait of women's enterprise

Each person is different, it is difficult to put into a common framework and lead to a common denominator, and if it is a woman, then it is simply unrealistic. But statistics harsh thing and she has a lot. Therefore, we have decided to draw a portrait of the average or total plant women (according to data provided OASUP).
So beautiful stranger is still very young - she was only 44 years old, of which 16 years she has worked at the plant.
She is married and has two children.
He has specialized secondary education.
Most likely the name of our stranger - Elena.
Surely, you will find a lot of similarities with this interesting woman, because in fact, each of you is, to some extent, it is. And it is not so much, and the stranger, you can just look in the mirror and see her there - a beautiful woman.

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