40 years like a moment 40 years like a lifetime!

Four decades to work in the same enterprise, to love him with all your heart and with pleasure give their chosen work force - are capable people who can and are not afraid to work, conscientious and honest. Their fate is inseparable from the history of the company. Exactly 40 years experience in the enterprise - the wonderful work anniversary. We will talk about several women who settled on the company 40 years ago, they listed in the workbook one place of work behind many professional achievements and a large baggage of experience and knowledge, which they share with a new generation of workers.
Olga Vysotsky,
Specialist HR OKiPK.

February 28 marks exactly 40 years since she was 18-year-old girl began to work in the enterprise. The first place of work was the machine shop ?3, here she worked a grinder, then the controller, and worked in the assembly shop. Since Olga has always distinguished accuracy, perseverance, commitment, trust her paperwork and billboards.
Without a job Olga entered the College of the evening department. And to do and to learn it was not easy: after a hard day's work had to sit down for textbooks and study special subjects, but at the same time, I wanted to develop, acquire new knowledge, to grow as a professional.
In the personnel department Olga was transferred in 1998.
- I really liked this work immediately. As the saying goes: "the company starts with the personnel department" is in some degree the plant face and I tried to carry out all the tasks at the highest level. Moreover, I was assigned to conduct personal affairs of many heads of departments and the shops of the plant. It was necessary to go to the Ministry of Industry, to complete the documentation, keep reserves to carry out certification commission. The work was quite complex and demanding, but I am happy to fulfill it.
- For 40 years, for sure, there were many vivid memories of now ...
- Yes. There were different trips turslety demonstrations. I remember well how, for operational needs, we sent to work at a factory in Ulyanovsk injection molding. And even though the work was hard, but it brought a lot of interesting contacts. I remember when I went to help at the farm, which was located in the village. Leszczyny. At the factory, I met with her future husband. There are so many good things have happened in my life, and I am very thankful that it worked in our company for many years.

The assembly production work Tatyana Maslovskaya and Valentina S. Dashchynski, who also worked for 40 years in the enterprise
Tatyana Maslovskaya,
Collector electric machines and apparatus:

- Started work at the plant at the site of the transformer winder B-300. It was a show lot, we wore white robes. There was produced engines for motorcycles. I am pleased to recall that time - we were so young, it was interesting for us, a new profession, a new band, which became such a family. I worked on the B-300 to its closure for more than 15 years. Then was transferred to the assembly hall, here worked on different sites, I have mastered many professions. My brother Konstantin Maslowski also worked all his life at the factory. I followed in his footsteps and do not regret it.
Valentina S. Dashchynski,

- When I started work at the company, I was not yet 18 years old. His career at the beginning of izolirovschitsey coil section in the assembly shop. The first time worked part-time as a minor. I do not remember that I was given something difficult. I quickly deal with all the subtleties of work, especially since the next was the friendly staff, who helped and prompted. Some time worked as a storekeeper in the workshop ?15, but could not do the work for a long time with the papers, I would like to work hands to produce parts. I was transferred back to the assembly hall, where I feel out of place. I love this work and, in spite of the fatigue after each shift, feel their involvement in the overall big business. I am pleased that I have given the company for so many years and I still want to come here to work. In addition, the factory I met her future husband, with whom we have been together for 38 years.

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