Together with professionals to work nicely

More than 26 years have passed since Alexander V. Multan, electrician for repair of windings and insulation of electrical equipment of the UGME, started his career at the enterprise.

- After school I entered vocational school No. 85 as a car mechanic, - recalls Alexander Vasilyevich. - During my studies I was practicing at the BATE plant. Started working here in the shop number 10. I worked for this specialty for only a few months, since I was drafted into the army. When in 1991 he returned to the enterprise, he had already started working as an electrician. I quickly mastered this profession, especially since the staff helped a lot. On the site for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, where I work, there are many highly qualified specialists who taught me the basics of the profession. I started to work as a student, today - I have the sixth, the highest rank, for this I took special courses at an enterprise for further training and, of course, I myself studied special literature.
In the main duties of Alexander Vasilyevich is the repair of electric motors of equipment.
- This is a fairly time consuming process, which involves dismantling the "burned" engine, isolating the wires, rewinding the windings and so on. Operations are in fact quite a lot, and equipment is different - you need to know the nuances of repairing each.
Over the years of work at the plant, Alexander Vasilievich has been awarded several times with Honorary Diplomas for conscientious work, last year his photo was brought to the factory's Gallery of Honor.
- It's nice that my work was highly marked, but I do not think that this is only my special merit. I just fulfill my duties, like my colleagues. Each of them deserves it no less than I do. Among the workers of our workshop there are professionals with great experience, and young promising guys. We have a good team in which it is pleasant to work and here everyone knows and conscientiously carries out their business.

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