Belarusian public association of veterans - 30 years!

The Belarusian public association of veterans has been functioning since March 27, 1987. In its ranks there are about 2.5 million veterans of war and labor: 6 regional, Minsk city, 11 branch, 12 city, 141 district and 6055 primary veteran organizations.
Thirty years for the veteran organization is youth, especially since the youngest members are at least twice as large, but at the same time 30 years for a public association - a solid age, which contains rich experience, facts, meetings and many more pleasant events.
Borisov district organization of veterans unites 98 primary organizations, accounting for 24357 people. Our company also has a primary veteran organization, which includes: 10 veterans of the Great Patriotic War, 15 prisoners of concentration camps, 12 soldiers-internationalists, 2,454 labor veterans (of whom 254 work, and 2200 non-working). These people are the foundation of the future. Their experience and worldly wisdom help us to find answers to many questions. Their work biography and military merits are an example of selfless love for the Motherland and loyalty to the chosen path, perseverance in achieving the goal, responsibility in any business. Most of them are still full of strength and energy. Thanks to their creative potential, we are worthily participating in contests of veterans of the Borisov district, organized by the Borisov District Council of Veterans.
On March 23, on the eve of the anniversary of the veteran organization, a festive concert was held at the Gorky State Academic High School named after M. Gorky, at which the most active and responsible representatives of the veteran movement of the Borisov region were observed. Among the best primary veteran organizations, the primary part of our enterprise was marked, headed by N.L. Kazarnovich.

Sincere words of gratitude for the work done and congratulations were heard from the Minsk regional veteran organization, from the Borisov public organizations.
An interesting concert program for the participants of the creative collectives of the GDK was prepared for all those present.

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