Children's games with a deadly final
The problem of child suicide does not lose its relevance. That's why parents have to devote more time to their children. A child like goes to school, learns well, communicates with friends. And then suddenly - commits suicide. Many factors can influence this decision of a child, beginning with insecurity in themselves, ending with the loss of a loved one. Recently, the issue of so-called "death groups" and "suicidal games" has become especially acute.
It was this topic that was the subject of a meeting of the labor collective with the deputy head of the public security police at the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Colonel Vitaly Anatolyevich Kozlov. He talked about the games spread in social networks called "Blue Whale" or "Quiet House" - deadly games, in the end of which children commit suicide. In the groups "Blue Whale" the whole theme is built around the theme of whales, which "commit suicide", throwing themselves ashore.
The essence and rules of the Blue Whale are simple to the horror. The game lasts 50 days. Starting to play, the teenager regularly receives various tasks. The first of them is to scratch on the hand with a sharp whale object or the inscription "blue whale" and send a bloody photo as evidence of passing the stage. Further moderators give more complex tasks, and always require a photoreport. Then the person practically does not sleep, and in exchange starts to watch the video, listen to music and read the texts that were thrown to him (from them you generally lose the understanding of reality). The body is weakening. Thus, when the administrator gives the last task - to commit suicide, many agree to this. If the child is not yet ready to die, then a special link is sent to him to find out his whereabouts, and they start to scare him because he will kill his whole family because of him.
How to protect the child from death groups
Psychologists advise parents to take more care of their children. Ideally, a child should not feel lonely and abandoned, confine himself to his sometimes hyperbolized problems and complexes. He must trust his relatives and seek protection from them, rather than wander the net in search of various suspicious groups and answers to their questions.
However, if you are not sure that the child has already got involved in this game, do not tell him directly about it, because it will push him to get acquainted with her.
Discuss with the child all his problems and share his, so that he knows that he can always turn to you. If you saw that your child posts statuses or pictures on social networks on suicide, do not start shouting at once. This will only complicate the situation. You need to act very carefully.
Children involved in this game, it is difficult to get out of it because of fear of being punished. In this case, you can not do without the help of psychologists.

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