I wanted to drive a car since childhood

It has long been dispelled the myth that a woman at the wheel is unnatural. Many representatives of the weaker sex are excellent at managing a car and can even give odds to men. Among the drivers of intra-factory transport, we already have many women at the enterprise. Extra confirmation of the fact that women are good drivers can be considered and last year entry to the Gallery of Honor of the enterprise photo Elena Vladimirovna Zotova, the driver of the loader PDU. She is a conscientious and responsible employee, at the same time an excellent driver.

Elena Vladimirovna works at our enterprise since 2011. I started as an electric truck driver.
"At first I worked as a trainee for several weeks, along with an experienced driver," she recalls. - And then four years - on elektrotelegke. Served all the shops. From the very beginning it was interesting to get acquainted with different production processes. Before that, it was not necessary to work at such a large enterprise. Therefore, I was impressed by everything: from the impressive size of equipment, and ending with the complexity of production processes. Since 2015, I was transferred to a forklift driver. At first I was given a small 1-ton loader, and then, when I had already learned to manage this transport and the opportunity arose, I had already "moved" to a new 3-ton loader. Of course, driving a forklift requires more care and skill. After all, it is necessary not only to convert the boxes, but also to fold them evenly, neatly and at the same time maneuverably drive, taking into account the considerable dimensions of the car.
As Elena Vladimirovna admitted, she loved cars since her childhood. He taught the basics of driving an older brother. And driver's right Elena Vladimirovna has received already 20 years ago, but the personal car could buy only three years ago. Now the experience of working on a forklift very helps and driving a personal transport.
"I really wanted to get a car, I had the craving for driving, as soon as I first tried to drive, it was before I came of age," she says. - And when in 2011 I was offered to work as a driver, I immediately agreed. I like this work, and I do it with pleasure.

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