Memories of the prisoners

On the account in the veteran organization of our enterprise there are 15 people - former prisoners of concentration camps. Memories of these people are real lessons of courage for the younger generation.
Tatiana Stepanovna Ermakovich:
I got into a concentration camp when she was 12 years old. They fled the whole family from the occupied city of Borisov. They wanted to hide near the Ovens, but in the woods they came across German cars that were carrying prisoners. A year and a half Tatyana Stepanovna spent in the camps in Germany. She well remembered the hard work and constant feeling of hunger, which had to be experienced every day in a concentration camp.
Malvina Alexandrovna Beard:
Was in captivity in the German city of Dusseldorf. She was then almost 14 years old. When the Germans came to the village where Malvina Alexandrovna was living with her family, they gathered all the inhabitants, of whom men were chosen, including her father, and, having driven four kilometers from the village, they were shot as partisans. Older children were taken to the camp. In the concentration camp the girl had to carry large bricks. She remembers that in this camp there was a steelmaker, where she cooked steel for German weapons. They wore wooden shackles at all, and almost did not give food. At the end of 1944 they were transported to Volokolamsk, they were driven to a large barn, where they were, until they were liberated by Soviet soldiers.
Nina Georgievna Levdanskaya:
Nina Georgievna's parents came from Ukraine, like many of their fellow villagers, were hijacked to Germany. According to their stories, all those who tried to avoid such a fate, the Germans were executed. Nina Georgievna's parents were married just before the war, and the birth of their daughter was already in captivity, where young people worked in a secret plant, located underground. Nina Georgievna, from her mother's words, knows that repeatedly the enterprise was bombed and only a miracle saved the young family every time from seemingly imminent death.

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