We were the first to complete the sowing in the region

This year the spring started earlier than usual. But it didnt surprise Belarusian agrarians. The sowing campaign began almost in all regions of the country in March, and in early April, most farms have already completed sowing of early spring, grain and leguminous crops. Our Troyanovka Open Joint Stock Company, the first in the Borisov region, completed these planting works, and already in the first days of April, 380 hectares were planted, of which 160 hectares of spring wheat, 110 ha of barley, 60 ha of oats, and 50 ha of legumes.
For agrarians in these spring days the saying "You reap what you" is very important, because during the sowing all factors are important - strict adherence to technology, competent soil fertilization, the availability of quality processed seeds and the diligence of the farm workers, Works and getting a rich harvest.

Our preparatory work was done correctly and in a timely manner: repair of machinery, the availability of quality seeds and fertilizers and, of course, the effective organization of all field work.

Every day, farmers are working diligently in the fields of AJC to get a decent harvest this year. Sergei Bykov showed great labor results in the sowing operations, Eugene Patrocin, Alexander Sytik, Igor Stoeglazov and Yuri Koltunov worked on the preparation of the soil, Sergei Mytko was engaged in the introduction of mineral fertilizers, Aleksei Babavoz was carrying out the fertilization of the crops, driver Alexey Zakharov carried out timely fertilizer delivery.

Now the farm is sowing annual crops for green fodder, work is continuing on the application of fertilizers for corn. At the same time, the preparation of combine harvesting equipment will begin in the coming days, so that the harvesting will be carried out qualitatively and at a fast pace.

All the stages and all the work carried out as links of a single strong chain in the battle for the harvest of this year, where everything is important: technology, technology, grain quality, and human hands.

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