A friendly family - at the factory and at home

Continuity of generations in production can be considered the most important condition for the stability of the enterprise. Working dynasties have always been and remain in high esteem. These people make up the backbone of the team. Inna Mikhailovna and Sergei Anatolyevich Peterson did not meet at the enterprise, but now they have been working together for many years in assembly production.

In a very difficult, crucial for the whole country in 1991, Inna Mikhailovna got a job. She was not even 16 at the time, she planned after the end of the 8th grade to go on to study further and simply looked for a part-time job for several months. But the fate has developed differently and Inna Mihailovna successfully works at our enterprise for the third decade.

- I started working as a pupil of a locksmith on the anchorage site, - Inna Mihailovna remembers. - To me, strangely enough, it was not at all scary even in the first days, but it was very interesting to work at such a large enterprise. And although I, as a minor, was supposed to work 6 hours a day, and not to all operations allowed me, I tried to study everything. I watched a lot how skilled workers work, if I succeeded, then under the guidance of senior specialists she tried to perform some operations herself, studied equipment and finished products. I gladly took up a new assignment and tried to figure it all out.

The energy and efficiency of Inna Mihailovna helped her to quickly get used to the relay section in assembly production. She also quickly mastered new equipment and manufactured parts.

With her future husband Sergei Anatolyevich, she was introduced to mutual friends. Young people immediately liked each other, and just a week later the young man invited the girl to meet. The couple got married six months later in 1999. In 2001, they had a daughter, Karina. Because of her activity, the girl even stayed on maternity leave for less than a year, and gladly returned to work.

Sergey Anatolyevich started working at the enterprise since 2002. First he was an assistant, then he mastered the profession of a setup man. Now he has the 5th qualification rank.

For this family, as well as for many employees of the enterprise, the plant became the second house, and the collective - the family. And let such people who love and appreciate their enterprise become more, and problems and worries - all less.

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