"Labor talents -2017"
Sergei Gennadievich Chernukho, master of the UO, took part in the national interbranch competition of professional skills by profession "milling machine" within the framework of the "Labor Talents-2017" festival. He took the final 7 place.
Within the framework of the republican festival "Labor Talents-2017" the best specialists in different branches were identified. He united two competitions - "Belarusian master" and "New names of Belarus". Winners of two competitions were awarded FPB prizes in the field of labor and culture.
"Belarusian master" - a professional skills contest was held in 14 professions: a milking machine operator, a rescuer, a nurse, a wood feller, a seamstress, a hairdresser, a cook-cook, a mason, a foodstore seller, a window dresser, a car driver, a milling cutter, a photographer, a specialist in Tourism.
Our company at the competition of professional skill in the profession "milling" was represented by Sergei Gennadievich Chernuho, master of the UO. He took the final 7 place.

Competitions took place on April 8 on the basis of OJSC BELAZ-HOLDING. For the title of the best in the republic, the milling machine was fought by 27 participants, representatives of twenty-five Belarusian enterprises.
All participants were greeted by Valery Kuzmich, the chairman of the Belarusian trade union of workers of the industries of Belprofmash:
- Today we are holding the 10th, jubilee contest in the nomination "milling machine". For us, this competition is special, since it is the first time since the merger of three trade unions (the Belarusian Metalworkers' Union, the Belarusian Trade Union of Automobile and Agricultural Machinery Workers, the Belarusian Trade Union of Industrial Workers) into a single large Belarusian trade union of workers in the Belprofmash industries.
Traditionally, the professional competition consisted of two parts: theoretical, passing in the form of test tasks, and practical - manufacturing parts according to the presented drawings.
The diploma of the first degree and the title "Belarusian Master-2017" was awarded to the representative of OAO "Mogilevliftmash", Vasily Divakov. In the second place is a representative of OJSC BELAZ-HOLDING.

Sergei Gennad'evich Chernukho, master of the UO:
- I take part in professional union competitions, organized by the trade union, for the third time. This year I managed to win only 7th place, but I do not consider it a loss, because it is at such competitions and in the process of preparing for them that you can acquire a huge professional experience. This time, the competition was attended by many more representatives from different enterprises and trade unions. The competition was organized at an even higher level than last year. Carrying out of similar actions promotes increase of interest to working trades among youth. It is also important for me that such contests contribute to the growth of professional skills and help to look at their abilities and evaluate them, as well as to draw knowledge from more experienced specialists to apply them in their daily professional activities already at our enterprise.

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