When the profession is close to you, then the problems can be overcome

Relatively short-lived at our enterprise is Taisia ​​Nikolaevna Knot, deputy head of the department of metal purchases. She started in 2007 in shop number 9 as an engineer. Its main responsibilities included the provision of materials for the production process in the unit.

As Taisia ​​Nikolaevna explained, there were no special difficulties for her in this work. Probably, because she has a lot of experience working at a similar industrial enterprise behind her shoulders - JSC Ekran, which is now part of the holding company Avtokomponenty, where she worked for more than 20 years. There she started with a winding machine of electric motors in the shop, and when a commercial department was organized at the enterprise, she transferred to a commercial agent (earnings were exclusively from sales of products). Already then Taisia ​​Nikolaevna learned to study the market of demand and proposals, to be engaged in buying and selling goods. She was not afraid to risk and try herself in a new case, which she mastered over time.
At our enterprise in shop number 9, Taisia ​​Nikolaevna worked for about two years, and since 2009 she was transferred to the metal purchasing department first as a commodity expert, then she became the head of the bureau, and after the restructuring she became deputy head of the department.
- What, in your opinion, is the most difficult in your profession?
- In the procurement department for me it became new - the conduct of trading on the stock exchange. But I quickly studied this direction and today I am a trader - this is my responsibility. It's only at first glance, our work is invisible, but in fact in any profession there are difficulties. For example, we are engaged in ferrous metals - all the material we have ordered, and the length of its production is quite long (from 30 to 90 days), while a fairly large nomenclature, and the volume of positions is relatively small - it often does not suit metallurgical plants that need large Volumes of the order. In this profession it is necessary to constantly monitor the situation, conduct an analysis of the metal market.
- Do you have time for hobbies?
- I have been fond of cycling for many years. I fulfilled the candidate's standard for master of sports. On a bicycle traveled a lot of places. I was in the Carpathians, on Kamchatka, the Kara-Kum desert. I went by bike to Germany and Poland and this is not the whole list. Now, if I can, then I leave for the meeting of veterans of tourism. But there is not enough time for such trips.
- What do you consider your main achievement in life?
- Any woman, probably, will put the family first. My husband and I raise two children. The eldest daughter is a student of the Polotsk State University, and the youngest son studies in our sponsored school No. 2. Speaking from a professional point of view, I'm glad that I could find a job for my soul. Even all existing working problems are not so important and, in the majority, are surmountable when the profession is close to you. I really like the thing I'm currently doing. I enjoy my work - and I consider this to be the most important in any business.

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