What do parents dream about and what are they afraid of

For each person, the concept of "happiness" includes its components. But you can hardly make a mistake if you answer that the happiness of most of us in children. Such at times disobedient and harmful, restless and inattentive, but such beloved and native. Holding your child in your arms, you feel such a magical happiness that you need to protect and protect.
On International Children's Day, we decided to talk with several parents who shared their dreams about the future of their children and about what they are trying to protect them from.
Valery and Veronica Wantsen, master and operator of machine tools with PU shop number 3:
- We bring up three sons. Senior Vladislav 10 years, he dreams of becoming a football player, so plan to give it to the football section. Vanya is 8 years old, he is most occupied by computer programs. It would be nice if he linked life with IT-technologies - this is a promising direction. The younger Pasha is 4 years old and it's hard to say who we see him in the future. The most important thing is that they all grow up as independent people and real men. And to protect, as it seems to us, they are necessary from the bad influence of others, so we try to keep track of those with whom the children are friends, what programs they watch. Of course, we teach them to be safe in the street, on the road, near the water. They know that matches can not be played and are able to dial the necessary numbers of the rescue service, if necessary.

Olesya Bronzova, Process Engineer, UST:
- My daughter Yanina is 12 years old. She fulfilled my childhood dream and now she has been successfully studying at the model school M.Y.Studio, which works in our city. Initially, an announcement about recruiting children to this school was found by our grandmother, who wanted her granddaughter not to be shy of her tall stature, not stooping and had a beautiful gait. The daughter already shows good results. She took part in the Belarusian Fashion Week, which was held in Minsk. I'm proud of her success. Oddly enough, Janina dreams of becoming not a model, but a designer of clothes, she already sews nice things, while simple things, but if there is a desire, everything is in her hands. I will support her in any undertaking. Most of all I'm worried that because of the computer and the TV, my daughter's eyesight has begun to drop - from this I try to protect her. We have a very trusting relationship with her, so I can correspond with her friends. She dictates to me what to write, and I sit instead of her in the computer. Watching TV is also strictly limited. The main thing is that the daughter takes all these restrictions calmly and tries to protect her own health.

Ekaterina Zakharevich, Head of the Bureau OASUP:
- Now my son Mark is 3 years old, he recently went to kindergarten and most of all I am afraid that it is at this stage that we will begin to lose our child. Teaching children to independence, parents often pay more attention to work, and do not notice how the kid moves away from them. I try to devote my time to my Mark. Who he will be in the future is still difficult to say: he can sweep the floors, play cars or drive football with boys - he tries to try everything. We will not force him to do anything, let him decide for himself. But as her husband jokes: "I want my son to become a boss." And, in my opinion, it is more important that he becomes smart, handsome and knows how to behave with girls confidently. After all, now women suppress the strong sex, and I want my son to become a real man: strong and confident. He is a very active child. The husband is engaged in sports with him, but at the same time he can not punish for disobedience. We have to take on the role of a strict educator, because already at this age children are perfectly able to manipulate loving parents and cunning to achieve their goals. I hope that we will be able to raise not only our inner confidence in our son, but also respect for others - which is not enough in the modern world.

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