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The 20th anniversary celebrated one of the largest exhibition projects in our country. The Belarusian Industrial Forum was held in the Belarusian capital for the 20th time. In the forum, which was held for four days, from May 23 to 26 in the football arena of Minsk, 274 organizations from seven countries took part. At this event, which united several exhibitions at the same time, a variety of products were demonstrated, including automotive equipment and auto components.
Traditionally all the events of the Belarusian Industrial Forum are held under a unique motto reflecting new challenges in the development of high technologies, innovations and industrial automation. This year simultaneously, three large specialized exhibitions worked on the same site. Among them - the XXth international exhibition TehInnoProm: technologies and innovations in industry, the specialized exhibition-presentation "Profsvarka" within the framework of the Belarusian industrial forum, as well as the exhibition of polymer materials, technologies and their applications "PLASTEH". In practical terms, the organizers of the forum were the "Exchange of subcontracts in industry", the Cooperation Exchange "Science and Industry - the Strategy for Innovative Cooperation". An international competition of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies and equipment, a competition of welders of Belarus with international participation and a specialized exhibition-presentation "Profsvarka" were held.
Separately I would like to note the report of the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Vitaly Vovka "Innovative and investment development of the machine-building complex of the Republic of Belarus" in the framework of the plenary session. In which he noted that "the industry of the Republic of Belarus was, is and will be the" locomotive "of the national economy, the basis for its development and ensuring economic independence and security."
The main goal of the Belarusian Industrial Forum continues to be assistance to the organizations of the country in solving the problems of expanding the production of high-tech competitive products for sale on the domestic and foreign markets, the introduction of new science-intensive technologies and equipment, the development of international cooperation, and the attraction of investments in the industry of the republic.
Within the framework of the international exhibition TekhnoProm the most recent achievements were presented. For example, the guests of the exhibition could see the first Belarusian electric bus from Belkommunmash, the prototype of the new (second) model of the Belarusian 3D printer in operation and the "smart paper" - a Belarusian analogue of the linker developed by specialists of the POLIMIZ plant together with a group of researchers from BSU and used for Creation of innovative packaging.
Representatives of the holding companies "Avtocomponents" also took an active part in the exhibition. At the exhibition stand, samples of modern and progressive developments of enterprises were demonstrated: elements of the electrical system and steering systems, elements of the air cleaning system, pumps and compressors to internal combustion engines, components of electronic systems, suspension and transmission and other components. Specialists of the holding companies held consultations and presentations for the forum guests, potential partners and customers. Visitors of the exhibition were able to familiarize themselves with the new products and learn more about the technical characteristics.

According to the results of the exhibition, JSC BATE, the managing company of the holding Avtokomponenty, was awarded a diploma for the development and implementation of innovative samples of world-class electrotechnical products.

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