The most humane profession

Important and serious tasks are solved by a small team of our health center, run by Irina Grigorievna Limarenko.

On the basis of the health center there are therapeutic and treatment rooms. A doctor-gynecologist, a neurologist, is received weekly. To date, the staff includes: two nurses and two paramedics.
The main tasks of health personnel are to provide first emergency medical care, prevent diseases, and promote healthy lifestyles. This activity is multifaceted. This includes the daily reception of patients, preventive medical examinations, vaccine prevention, pre-trip inspection of drivers and much more.
The workers of our health center know and love their work deeply.

On the photo: Irina Grigorievna Limarenko. Her photo on the results of last year was brought to the factory Gallery of Honor.
At the enterprise she works since 2011.
The work experience in medicine is 18 years.

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