Conference of the enterprise's labor collective

The conference of the labor collective of JSC "BATE" is the managing company of the Holding "Avtocomponents" on the adoption of the collective agreement for 2017-2019. Took place on Thursday, June 15, in the factory House of Culture.
105 delegates took part in the conference.
On the results of the implementation of the collective agreement for 2014-2017. Reported Acting General Director Alexander A. Marchenko. He noted that the years 2014 and 2015 were very difficult and tense for the company. "The main problems were external - this is the fluctuation of the Russian ruble. The enterprise experienced a significant shortage of working capital. In this difficult period, the enterprise was provided with state support. By 2016, almost all the indicators have been implemented. Now we are working in a more or less stable rhythm, "said Alexander Anatolyevich. - The main market for our company is the Russian Federation, and their market structure is changing, the car industry is replacing imported. For example, in the AvtoVAZ plant, there is no place for even some of its manufacturers in certain positions, as many foreign companies with which the enterprise cooperates come with its component manufacturers. To date, imported analogues of our products are not much more expensive, but there are practically no problems with quality. Therefore, you need to fight for each piece and perform everything on a high-quality level. We plan to focus the enterprise on the implementation of new modern projects, but it is important to preserve the team. Of the nearest plans I want to mention, the organization of assembly production of components for the Geely car line. "
Alexander Anatolyevich thanked all the workers for their daily work and patience.
Chairman of the primary trade union organization Leonid Verkhovsky in his speech dwelled on the main aspects of the life of our team and the participation in it of the trade union organization. He noted that, having analyzed the implementation of the provisions of the collective agreement for the period 2014-2016, the main ones were fulfilled.
"Today the primary trade-union organization of the enterprise unites 32 shop committee, with the number of members of the trade union 1683 people, which is 94.9% of the total number of employees," said the chairman of the trade union committee. - For the period from 2014 to 2016 years. Held 38 meetings of the trade union committee, which dealt with various issues of vital activity of the trade union organization and enterprise. It has become good practice to hold weekly meetings with the union's asset of the plant, where pressing problems are being addressed. Trade union activists are always aware of everything that happens at the plant, and promptly bring information to their work collectives. "
Leonid Anatolyevich dwelled in detail on the issues of labor protection, social development of the collective, as well as on the changes that were made in the collective agreement.
"Coherence in the work of the management of the plant and the trade union organization gives the right to hope that the enterprise will overcome all difficulties. The basis for this is laid, "Leonid Anatolievich concluded at the end of his speech.
On the approval of the act of verifying the performance of the collective agreement, JSC BATE - the managing company of the holding company Avtokomponenty for 2014-2017. And the conclusion of the collective agreement for 2017-2019. Reported the Deputy Director General for ideological work and personnel management OA. Ivanova.
Representatives of labor collectives spoke in the debate: the head of workshop number 1 V.V. Chech, the chairman of the Council of Women and the Council of Veterans of the enterprise NL. Kazarnovitch, Deputy Head of Assembly Production Huseynov, chairman of the shop committee of shop number 17 VS Boreyko.
Following the results of all speeches, by a general vote, a resolution was adopted:
1. Act to verify the implementation of the collective agreement for 2014-2017 gg. To approve.
2. Draft new collective agreement for 2017-2019. Take as a basis.
3. Instruct the administration and the trade union committee to finalize the collective agreement, taking into account the additions and changes, to formalize the relevant annexes to the collective agreement.
4. To entrust signing a collective agreement on behalf of the Employer - Acting General Director A.?. Marchenko and on behalf of the trade union committee - the chairman of the trade union committee LA. To Verkhovsky.
5. Administration of the plant to register a collective agreement in accordance with the law.
6. The Administration and the Trade Union Committee, once every six months, at enlarged meetings, sum up the results of the collective agreement and inform the labor collective about the progress of implementation through the factory newspaper Tribuna.

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