Recalling the war years, the heart cries and aching in the chest
At dawn on June 22, 1941, fascist Germany began a war against the Soviet Union ... 76 years separates us from this sorrowful date. But the memories of our veterans are alive.
Yuri Moiseevich Bihman
When the war began, Yuri Moiseevich was 15 years old, he worked as a puncher at the Saratov mill. Then there was a plant in Ivanovo, where the father worked as an engineer, and Yuri Moiseevich - a turner. And then in September 1943, he, a 17-year-old boy, learned the basics of a tankman's military craft in the 9th tank training regiment. Training was accelerated - specialists at the front were always in short supply - and lasted only six months. It included 12-hour theoretical studies, in between which there was driving and shooting. For rest and sleep on 3-tiered beds there were only a few hours. Then these beds looked very uncomfortable, but after almost a year of constant spending the night in a tank began to seem almost a dream. Yuri Moiseevich subsequently served in the tank troops for 30 years. He proudly calls himself a tank driver and tells how he, a machine gunner in the crew of the legendary T-34 tank, managed to pass through Western Ukraine, Poland, the East of Germany in June 1944, with victorious fights.
In June of this year, Yuri Moiseevich celebrated his 91st anniversary.
Nina Ignatyevna Belozerova
During the war, she was a member of the labor front. In 1941 Nina Ignatievna was only 13 years old. They learned about the beginning of the war on the radio. Their family then lived in Tolochin. They, very young guys, still did not fully understand what kind of tests are waiting for them ahead and how quickly it will be necessary to grow up. The most difficult period for Nina Ignatievna was occupation. She remembers how she hid in the house from the Germans, who grabbed her brother Alexander. What happened to him - and today she does not know. After the liberation of the city, she was recruited into the tank unit as a civilian, where she performed the duties of a laundress. The work was hard, but she coped with it. Diligence and then, in the postwar period, distinguished Nina Ignatyevna. In total, 41 years of her work experience in various organizations of our region, the last twenty of which she worked with her husband in our factory at the assembly site drive. Despite her venerable age, she is active and cheerful, the doors of her house are always open to guests.

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