You need to appreciate life, not in vain is it given to you

So nice to meet cheerful people. Especially if you know that their path was very difficult, many tests had to be overcome, but despite this, they thank fate for every day they lived. It is this person who is Vasily Afanasyevich Putrya who met the war with a 14-year-old boy, took part in hostilities in Ukraine and went through the Japanese war.
Vasily Afanasyevich remembers well the very first day of the war. His family lived then in the city of Bahmache in the Chernihiv region (Ukraine).
"I was bathing in the lake with my friends that day," says the veteran. - Lying on the sand, sunbathing. We see that the planes are flying, we began to examine them with interest, but the childish enthusiasm was quickly replaced by fear - the bombing began. Around explosions, the earth shakes, eerie columns of dust rise, leaving deep funnels. I ran to the train station. I see that the cars are undermined, and on the ground lies a dead girl, she did not have a living place. So for me the war began ...
Father Vasily Afanasevich was immediately drafted into the army. He said:
"I'm going to beat the Fritz, and you're staying for the master."
So he had to become a defender of his family at the age of 14 - mother and three sisters. Their house, which was near the railway station, the Germans burned. One brick oven and a pipe remained in that place. But in the city there were many free houses and apartments, most of them left and abandoned their dwelling. They moved to one of the empty apartments.
Vasily Afanasyevich with four of his friends, the same year, as they could, harmed the Germans. One day they saw the Fritz mocking an old Jewish woman and running an empty glass bottle directly into the head of one of them. Then they managed to escape. But one day, Vasily Afanasyevich caught the Germans when he carried a box of cartridges from the warehouse for our troops. He was interrogated and beaten for seven days, but then released without any useful information. He is still surprised at how he managed to survive. After all, the scars from those tortures still remain.
When the city of Bakhmach was liberated, in 1943, Vasily Afanasevich joined the fighter battalion under the RONKVD of the Bakhmach district ("having thrown himself a year, since he was not yet 18). With special pride the veteran remembers that in their battalion there were the famous "Catalines" - at that time the last word in aircraft construction.
After Hitler's troops were defeated, peace came in Europe. But in the countries of South-East Asia, the Far East and the Pacific, the war unleashed by Japan continued. True to allied commitments, the USSR declared war on militaristic Japan on August 8. And Vasily Afanasyevich in 1945 got into the Red Banner Amur Flotilla, where he became battery-holders. He fought in the Pacific and in the Manchurian fleet, and participated in battles on land.
In 1951, Vasily Afanasyevich mobilized. At the plant BATE was established in 1977 as deputy head of the supply department.
Vasily Afanasyevich considers himself a very happy person - he has two daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who help him in everything. Vasily Afanasyevich is 89 years old. And although the health sometimes brings a veteran, he tries to remain always cheerful and endure all the trials. After all, so many people died during the war, and he survived, so you need to appreciate this great good. We wish you, Vasily Afanasyevich, to live for a long time and to remain in the same fine mood.

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