Profession by inheritance

Continuity of generations is always welcomed in any organization. Following the parents, their children come to the enterprise, who work conscientiously and gain authority in the team.
Lyudmila Gennadyevna Mozolevskaya, driller of shop number 17, started working at the plant in 1999. Not having behind her professional education, at first she worked as a cleaner in the shop. Her mother, Valentina Sergeevna at that time worked as a driller in shop number 17 on the relay site, she also taught her daughter the basics of the profession.

- I was interested to see what my mother is doing, - recalls Lyudmila Gennadyevna. - I watched her professional movements, remembered, asked, and soon she herself learned this specialty. When my mother retired, I was offered to go to her place. Of course, I agreed. It so happened that the profession to me passed, as by inheritance.
Lyudmila Gennadievna became an excellent specialist. To date, it is engaged in processing a large number of parts for the manufacture of relays, drives, pulleys - the nomenclature is very wide. It is necessary to be able to work on all types of drilling machines on the site.
Deputy Head of the workshop ? 17 Sergey Gennadievich Avkhimovich notes that she is a very responsible and conscientious employee. Performs the assigned tasks always in a high-quality and on time. Therefore, it was her candidacy and was chosen for placement at the factory's Gallery of Honor.
For Lyudmila Gennadyevna the nomination to the Gallery of Honor was a surprise. She believes that she has always worked, like all the other workers in the shop, each of whom deserves no less honors.
- Now it is necessary to correspond, - Lyudmila Gennadyevna smiles. - This is an indicator of the high evaluation of my work, which means that it should work even better and I try. In addition, I feel responsible, because I work on the site of my mother, who is proud of me, because she became my mentor in this profession.

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