A good tradition is to receive thanks

For parents, letters of appreciation for the good upbringing of children are a matter of particular pride. And if your achievements can sometimes be considered an ordinary everyday affair, then every success of the child is an important event for the whole family.
Elena Vladimirovna Vishnevskaya, the controller of the metrology laboratory, was very happy that the administration of the school sent a letter of thanks for the good upbringing of her daughter to the address of the enterprise.

"My husband and I used to receive gratitude for raising our daughter, but this letter came to the enterprise for the first time. And it's very pleasant, you can proudly tell your colleagues about it, "says Elena Vladimirovna.
Daughter Victoria graduated from the 7th grade in the State Educational Institution "Secondary School No. 8 in Borisov". In her 13 years she leads the life of a modern teenager: he likes to socialize in social networks, spends a lot of time walking around the city with his peers. At the same time, she studies well and, as her mother notes, from the subjects she is best given the humanities: English, literature. As for the choice of the future profession, now the girl has not decided.
- At the age of five, she firmly knew that she would be a hairdresser (Mom had long hair - here and dolls were not very necessary), then she wanted to be only an actress, - Elena Vladimirovna recalls with a smile. - We have passed all the prescribed stages of professional growth. Whom the daughter did not decide to become in the end, we will definitely support her - the main thing is that she likes this work, and she studied and worked afterwards with pleasure.
The main quality of her daughter, Elena Vladimirovna, considers sociability.
- She very quickly finds friends, both in social networks, and in live communication, - Mom says. - For example, when they stopped at Salyut camp this year, while I was making out all the documents, she already met girls who were contemporaries, who then moved into the room. And so everywhere - she quickly finds a common language with her environment. She has so many friends. And I like the desire for independence in her, she wants to try everything herself. Of course, with her adolescence, many of her character traits change, and this is a natural process, but I hope that the best qualities in it will still be preserved.
The best method in the education of her daughter, Elena Vladimirovna, considers the conversation heart to heart.
"It's not possible to punish my daughter either with me or with my husband - we are probably soft parents," says Elena Vladimirovna. - I try to talk to her, explain. We do not deprive her of the Internet, television or pocket money, but we try every evening to give her time, to find out about her problems and joys. Yes, there are disputes and quarrels, but I try not to break down - in fact the main thing is not to offend her, but to explain. It is clear that she will still make her mistakes, it is important that she does not become isolated, and communicated with her parents. Then it will be easier for us to help her in a difficult situation.
Almost every year Elena Vladimirovna and her husband are presented with letters of gratitude for the upbringing of their daughter, and each time is a very pleasant and important event for parents. I would like so much that this tradition continues, and the children rejoice over their parents, who tried to educate them not only as successful and responsible, but as kind and sympathetic people.

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