"Dream, create, dare!"

Annually, the children's health camp "Salyut" accepts hundreds of children to give them wonderful impressions about the summer, to improve and to enable them to open up creatively. In order for our children to have fun, interesting and comfortable rest, an enormous preparatory work is being carried out. And every stage is a big work. After all, the rest of children should be at a high level with observance of all sanitary and educational requirements. About how the children live in our camp, I decided to see with my own eyes.

The correct start of the day is charging
I arrived in the children's health camp "Salute" for morning exercises. The modern music played, and on the court in front of the dining room all the guys gathered to fully wake up and start their day actively. The instructor-methodologist in physical culture and sports cheerfully and jokingly conducted all the exercises, offering, then yawn, then smile at the neighbor. The guys gladly performed all the tasks and it was clear that if the morning starts in such a good mood, then the day will pass perfectly. By the way, this year an interesting tree appeared in the camp - the emotional and symbolic response of detachments for the day they lived. At the end of the day each squad gathers for the evening council, where it shares impressions and together makes a decision about what day it was for their squad - if the day was just super, then a red rope is tied to the willow opposite the residential buildings, if there was an excellent day - green , If it was a bit sad - yellow. "So it's easier for us to keep track of what activities were more interesting for the guys to take into account later," says the senior educator. I observe that while on the tree there are mostly red ribbons, but there are green and yellow ribbons. As the educator explained, the tree "turns yellow" usually at the end of the shift, when the children begin to feel sad about the impending departure.
Updated dining room
I go into the dining-room, where the boys eat breakfast with appetite. Here, repairs have been carried out - old windows have been replaced with double-glazed windows, new blinds have been hung. It became noticeably cozier and more beautiful, especially since there are such pleasant aromas of delicious food around. "Most of the children who have a rest during the shift in the camp recover on average by 2 kg," said the camp commander. "Apart from a balanced diet, the program for recovery includes daily vitaminization and a visit to the pool every other day."
In friendship with sport, creativity and intelligence
Next to the guys preparing for the evening activities - someone is singing, others are dancing, some of the guys went to the pool, and several units went on an excursion. Excursions to the zoo, planetarium, circus, the center of ecological tourism "Stankovo", the National library and the museum of science "Elemento", the historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line" with visits to the memorial complex "Kurgan of Glory" and the agro-recreation " Gaiuskia Vytoki ".
This summer, the weather did not particularly indulge in warm days, so many intellectual games were held in the dining room. This was also facilitated by the organization in the camp of the association of interests "What? Where? When". In addition, the guys could do beadwork or tennis - the main desire.
But the summer camp is, first of all, an active holiday, therefore, in good weather, all events were held outdoors. These were sports, quests, creative competitions and concerts. Each event carried in itself not only an entertaining character, but also an obligatory educational particle. From traditional and favorite by children it's a business day, a festival of choreography "At the turn of the century", an evening dedicated to literary compositions about the war ("You can not imagine how poignantly children recite poems or sing songs about the war," says the camp leader. It is this evening that they prepare especially diligently ").
From innovations it would be desirable to note daily security minutes which are spent in each group. Educators tell children how to behave in different situations: when you are alone at home, on the street, in a fire, etc. Many events were held on the topic of security, for example - "X-factor" (in each unit, the children carefully studied with the tutor The evacuation plan, and then the siren turned on, and all the units had to panic and quickly leave the building).
While we were talking, the guys started another interesting competition, they were making fun of the beach soccer field (the sand here is quartz and even warm weather allows children to walk barefoot).
It was nice to look at their merry faces when they ran, jumped and laughed, and were not "chained" to the phones. This year cell phones are given to children only for two hours a day. This was previously warned by all parents and the children took this innovation quietly. They have no time in "Salute" for useless pastime - here are living, not virtual, friends, many new impressions and knowledge, tasty and healthy food, attentive and creative educators. On the new emblem of the camp it is written "Dream, create, dare!" This slogan should be used by everyone and not only children in their daily life, so that it becomes more colorful, interesting and active.

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