Declaration of industrial safety

In accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 5, 2016 No. 354-? "On Industrial Safety" and in order to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of measures to ensure industrial safety and protect the population from harmful production factors, jointly by the UGT and the industrial safety service of the CBO, PBE in This year a declaration of industrial safety for a hazardous production facility was developed. "Foundry section of shop # 18 of automatic machining of parts, where melts of non-ferrous metals are produced and Alloys based on these melts. "
The foundry site of shop No. 18 refers to type II hazard. The declaration of industrial safety includes information on a hazardous production facility, data on the technological process and instrumentation, the results of an analysis of the state of industrial safety, information on the conditions for the occurrence of possible accidents, schemes for the occurrence and development of possible accidents, the boundaries of dangerous exposure zones and production factors, Measures taken to ensure industrial safety, including measures to ensure readiness for containment and elimination of accidents and in Cidents.
The expert body of the Department for Supervision of Safe Work in Industry of the Ministry of Emergency Situations conducted an examination of the developed Declaration for the definition:
Conformity of the object of examination to the requirements of the legislation in the field of industrial safety;
Conformity of the object of examination of design, design, technological and operational documentation;
Assessment of the sufficiency and effectiveness of the envisaged measures to ensure industrial safety and protect the population from harmful production factors in the event of accidents and incidents, and also in their localization and liquidation.
As a result, a positive conclusion was received in July, and information on the declaration of industrial safety will be included in the state register of hazardous production facilities.

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