BATEPLEX company store

With the advent of summer, the peak of the construction season comes. This is the most suitable period for the work on the insulation of houses and apartments, which in autumn and winter will reduce the loss of domestic heat and, accordingly, reduce heating costs.
Extruded polystyrene BATEPLEX or XPS-slabs - the ideal solution for warming your home, thermal insulation of foundations, roofs, floors. It does not absorb moisture, does not shrink and is not prone to rot. This is an excellent thermal insulation material for those who are looking for high quality thermal insulation with high performance.
The firm store of wholesale and retail trade in heat-insulating slabs is located at: Borisov, ul. Daumana, 95 (production site No. 2 of JSC BATE, the managing company of the holding company Avtocomponent).

In the store, customers will be able to purchase XPS-plates up to 12% cheaper than in retail chains. In addition, free delivery is organized in the Borisov district (when purchasing more than 4 m3) and Zhodino (when purchasing more than 5 m3). The range of products includes slabs measuring 1200mm.x600m. Different thicknesses from 20 to 100 mm.
If you are planning to conduct work on the insulation of your housing, and at the same time look for the most high-quality and economical material, we invite you to go shopping at the BATEPLEX store.

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