Our AJC is in second place in terms of yield

As of August 10, Belarus has harvested more than 3.5 million tons of grain, of which 964.1 thousand tons - agrarians of the Brest region, 784.2 thousand tons - Minsk. In the Gomel and Grodno regions, 605,400 tons and 620,000 tons were threshed, respectively, in Mogilev - 401,300 tons, in Vitebsk, which was the last to join the harvest, 210,700 tons.
Cereals and legumes are harvested from 1001.8 thousand hectares, which is 46.1% of the total area. The leader is still the Brest region, where 77.7% of the area has been removed.
On average, agrarians harvest 35.8 centner grains per hectare this year.
In the Borisov region as of August 10, 28% of the area was harvested, 26 599 tons of grain were harvested. The average yield is 33.5 centner / ha, which is 0.5 centner more than in 2016.
Our ALJ Troyanovka is in the top five in the cleaning of the agricultural organizations of the district. 37% of the harvesting areas have already been removed on the fields of the farm.
On yield, we still occupy the second place - 44.1 c / ha. The leading position is occupied by the branch "Big Novoselki" UE "Borisov combine of bread products".

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