Half a century together with the factory

In our modern rapidly changing world, it's probably hard to believe that you can work half a century in one organization. But even today there are people for whom the first job becomes their own. So it happened with Tamara Alexandrovna Kazakova: she worked at our company for fifty years.

Tamara Alexandrovna started her career when she was still 17 years old. At the end of July 1967, she was admitted to the enterprise as a turner in the assembly shop. A young girl just graduated from school number 85, and she had to learn all the complexities of the profession in practice. And she tried very hard. Her responsibility and diligence was noted by the management of the shop, and Tamara Aleksandrovna was transferred by the assembler of electrical machines and apparatus to the relay site for the 230th group of starters - this was then a new production that she mastered along with her colleagues. To improve her professional skills, she graduated from the Minsk Technical School without interruption of production.
Tamara Aleksandrovna is a high-class professional, a responsible and hard-working worker who has good organizational skills and the ability to prove herself in the team. Thanks to these qualities, Tamara Aleksandrovna was elected in 1988 as a foreman. She received the title of "Brigadier of the first class", and then several times confirmed it. And if the foreman is a recognition of your authority in the team, then the position of the master has already become an indicator of the trust of the shop manager. Tamara Alexandrovna worked as a foreman in various brigades Nos. 64, 67.68, 70, on the generator site.
"I was able to work practically at all sites and in all the brigades of the assembly shop," Tamara Alexandrovna says, smiling. - During this period, I mastered almost all the equipment in the workshop, because I, as a master, should be an example for all employees and know the subtleties of each.
According to Tamara Alexandrovna, many components are needed for successful work. One of them is a well-coordinated team. About her colleagues, she responds with warmth. Among them, there are those with whom she once started her career and young workers, for whom she became a mentor in the profession.
After retirement, Tamara Alexandrovna worked for several years at her native enterprise, and then moved to work in a factory health complex. Here in the late 70's and early 80's, along with colleagues, she repeatedly visited subbotniks. Then the complex was only being built and was preparing to receive the first visitors.
For 50 years of working experience Tamara Alexandrovna managed to become an excellent specialist, who is respected in the team. Her photo was twice brought to the factory Gallery of Honor, she was awarded with Honorary Diplomas. These half a century became for her a major part of life. Together with the enterprise, she experienced both ups and downs, the plant grew, production expanded, new products were mastered - and much of this with the participation of Tamara Alexandrovna herself.
Over the years, it has become part of our enterprise, its history. It is these people who stood at the sources and devoted most of their life to their native plant - this is the reliable foundation on which the enterprise is built and develops in the future.

In the photo: During the demonstration in 1980. Tamara Aleksandrovna - stands in the front row, the third girl on the right.

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